We’re moving!
I can’t believe it really.   I am a month away from giving birth and we’re moving.  If you ask me the timing is horrible and it’s giving me my share of anxiety.  BUT I think in the end it will be worth it.  It’s a bigger place…well it’s a house for starters, not an apartment so that’s wonderful.  The backyard is awesome.  Super excited about that part.  There is a wood stove for fires and cooking, a big tree swing and a sand box!  The trampoline was from the previous owners, we told them to leave it just in case we decided to get another mat for it.
The house itself is ancient but it’s been updated and its pretty nice.  Oh and did I mention that we’ll have live in babysitters?  🙂  Yup!!  My parents are being brave enough to move in with us!  And it’s a big enough house that we’ll have enough space for everyone plus some!  So come visit!  (preferably in August after baby is born and we’ve gotten used to everything).  🙂
 We move in on the 10th.  I’ve already started packing and even though our apartment is relatively small, packing is going to be no small feat.  I am glad I got a head start.  It makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it.
And then I have to think about cleaning and unpacking and setting up in the new house BEFORE the baby comes and I want to lay down and cry. It doesn’t help that no matter how much iron I suck down I still seem to be extremely anemic and exhausted all the time.  Oh well…keep moving forward…even if at a snail pace.
I will post pics of the new place sometime soon.  They are having the carpets cleaned, floors sealed and some windows repaired right now otherwise I’d already be over there cleaning and ‘nesting’.  Ah!  It’s driving my preggo hormones/instincts crazy!!!
Did I tell you that we’re having baby #2 at home?  Yup!  That was going to mean our little apartment but now it means in this new big house.  I’m a little anxious.  It means more space for all the wonderful people going to be there to support me and more space for baby and I and all of us but it also means making sure it’s ‘set up’ enough for my weird nesting needs in less than a month!
My mom assures me that I could squat and give birth anywhere if I needed to…maybe she is right but my instincts tell me that things will go more smoothly and best if I feel like I am ‘home’…in a comfortable nest or den.  With Ben we were at the Birthing Center which is just a big house with a gorgeous kitchen and the ‘birthing suite’ is something you imagine your dream bedroom looking like.  I felt very comfortable and at home there.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to give birth in a hospital setting…at least not the way I want…calmly and quickly.  Too bright, hard and cold.  So here is to hoping I can have the energy and the time to set up this new house the way it needs to be to feel like ‘home’.  Wish me luck!