Ben has been so fun lately.  And I just realized today it’s because two molars have cut through! Finally!  He has not been feeling good because of those buggars coming in. I am excited about these chompers because then he will finally be able to chew things up!  Been worried about him choking for too long!
He shows his personality more and more each day.  He will just start doing something new and we wonder where it came from…well I am sure most of it comes from watching us but a lot of it is just pure Ben personality…it’s so fun.
Here are a few videos of said personality that we’ve been lucky enough to catch on camera.  The first one is kind of long…sorry but it’s stinking cute.  This is definitely my son and mimis grandson! He loves MJ and motown!  Note how hard he concentrates while dancing…so precious.
Oh and please excuse the mess you see in the background…we are packing up house (more on that later).


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