David came home yesterday and told me that he is on track to be done with school in 6 weeks.

Hold the phone, are you serious?! Is this moment finally happening or are you pulling my leg? I can’t believe it. Where is the word that describes how happy I am? I can’t find it…BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE SUFFICIENT.

We kind of halfheartedly estimated it the other day (because whole heartedly would take too much effort) that he’s been in school for 25 years! Isn’t that the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard?

Haha OK that’s harsh. I’m nothing but proud over here. But there IS a chance that he is dangerously over-educated and he wouldn’t disagree with you. 25 years? Wow, I mean…Wow!

It’s OK though, don’t worry. I’ve got the rest of his life to help dumb him down. This summer I’m going to make him read a NOVEL. Ya. Try and picture it. I am.

But first our super awesome graduation party!!!!! Hey-Ho people!!!! I better start planning. It has to be epic.

Like him.