Well I’m back folks.

A combination of illness in myself, my kids and my hubby, a lack of motivation, and a muddle in our schedules  has kept me from the gym for quite a long time.

And I’ve been feeling it.

And I’m not just talking about in my low energy, foggy brain and achy back. I’m talking about literally I can feel the squishyness of my muscles. Oh sad day.

It’s not fair how fast that happens.

Anyway that’s all behind me now. Because I’m back.

And it feels good. Oh how I missed it.

I actually thought to myself while at the gym today, “I wish I could stay here all night!” But alas the hubster was waiting to go and get his workout in.

I am excited to see that I still have my little traps! These muscles are super important to me for my particular back problems. But they definitely could use some more strength.

I hope I never have to go this long without working out. Having a trainer at the gym waiting for you and working with you was a huge positive so I have to either find another one or find a way to do this alone. It’s tough!

But like my shirt says,