I feel like I’ve been the worst blogger lately.  Well it’s because I have.  I don’t know the reason really other than I just don’t have the computer that often anymore since David has it most the time and our other one gave up the ghost.  The other reason could be that there just isn’t much to blog about?  Who knows….but here is my attempt to break the dry spell.  We’ll see if it works.
Our lives are pretty simple right now.  Ben and I hang out all day every day usually at home because well it’s like -4 degrees outside and who wants to go out in that?  It’s also flu season so I am quite content just staying home and keeping away from that rampage.  We have fun though.  Not as much fun as when daddy comes home though…man does that boy love his daddy.  I don’t blame him.  He’s a fun guy.  Plus he’s stuck with me all day so seeing and playing with daddy is like a hay day!  It’s also Papa too…this boy loooves his papa (grandpa).  It’s not unusual for Ben to cling to his papa and turn away from me when I am trying to take him so papa can go.  Makes me feel wonderful let me tell ya.  🙂  But I understand.  I would be sick of me too.
He is growing up so fast.  He will be 1 year old in about 3 weeks.  I can’t really believe it.  He is a really good walker now.  He doesn’t do it on his own much but sometimes he does and it drives me crazy.  Mostly he does it with the encouragement of us.  He can walk across the room now with no problems.  I guess when he wants to he’ll start doing it by himself all the time. I don’t know yet how I feel about it.
He is such a spaz too and I can’t really explain it to you, it’s one of those things you have to experience.  Just so full of energy and personality.  The sad part about it is, me, David, my mom and dad are the the only ones that get to experience it truly.  He’s deep into the ‘stranger danger’ phase so around other people he is really coy and reserved.  It’s a shame.  But I guess (I hope) in time that will fade.   I could go on and on about him but I wont. Maybe later I mean.  🙂
David is “making progress” as always.  He is super busy with school now that another semester started and his research project on the side is going really well.  He wishes he could just quit the classes part of school and research all day every day until he figures this out.  But the problem is he’s working with plants and plants have to grow so we all have to patient.  I never thought I would become giddy and excited about a flat of tiny little plants growing somewhere in some lab up on USU campus but I am..and I do.  They look so good!  He can soon start to dissect things and make more progress.  I am aware that most of you probably have no idea what I am talking about and that’s OK.  Maybe someday we’ll all understand more.  🙂
The business is doing really well too. We are all very anxious for these next few months.  Starting in February a HUGE online retailer that sells all things pet is going to start PROMOTING and selling our feed!!   Yipee!  They are going to send emails to their already rabbit food customers and tell them about our amazing feed.  Just in time for Easter…we’re hoping that’s big.  It is big.  This website doesn’t let just anybody sell their stuff but we got in!  And get this…I couldn’t believe this…this website http://www.drsfostersmith.com/?ref=4397&subref=AA&cmpid=PPC-G-4397 spends some outrageous amount of money on advertising every month…I can’t say that I remember exactly but we’re talking somewhere in millions people.  And we’re apart of it now! Yay!  OK…the next big thing is starting on March 1 you will be able to find our feed in 33 IFA stores across the west.  Ha!  Can you believe it!  I can’t!  All I can say is FINALLY!!!  It’s been a long road guys so these two things are big news for us.  We know it will just open doors for future things and get the ball rolling.  I am just not sure why it took 2 years!?  Ya ya…it’s business I know.  But heck!!!
Anyway that’s our life right now.  Business, school and baby…well babies.  🙂  Little baby is growing like crazy.  I had a dream last night that it was twins.  I am not going to lie..I wasn’t excited.  I was crying…like a baby.  hahaha.  But I am sure if that was the case I would be very very excited.  I am 14 weeks so in about 5 more weeks we can find out what this little bun is!  I think it’s a girl.  Infact I am almost positive. Let’s just say I’ll be SHOCKED if we see a little thingy in there.  VERY.
I am doing good with this pregnancy.  It’s much different than the last but not better or worse just different.  Wellllllllll the only bad part is that I am blowing up like a balloon much faster than I remember! Is that normal?  It better be or it very well could be twins!  The only thing that keeps me going (energy wise) is going to the gym and lifting weights.  No kidding.  I just recently figured it out.  On the days I don’t go to the gym (Tues, Thurs and Sat) I feel like a lump! I am dragging my feet and yawning all the time and I just have to nap when Ben naps! But Mon, Wed and Fri it’s like a whole different me!  No naps, house clean, bread made, dinner made sometimes dessert, laundry done, shopping done, self pedi, more play time with Ben etc!…I am telling you!  I am a believer now!  Exercising really does give me more energy.  And I know that’s true for all people, not just preggers.
So on my off days I am going to start doing Yoga.  I gotta do something but I also have to give my body a rest.  So I decided yoga was a good choice.  We’ll see how that goes. Never been a yoga gal.  Anybody know any good yoga videos?
Well I think that’s enough for now.  I think I just binged from my blogging fast.  Sorry. 🙂  Until next time!

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  • Did you find a yoga dvd?! 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what you’re having. I think you’re having a girl! And TWINS! OH my heck. I’ve thought the same thing about me because I feel HUGE!! We’ll see next month! 🙂

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