Ben gets so excited when he hears William on the baby monitor awake from his nap. I say, ‘Should we go get brother?’ and he says, ‘OK!’ and runs into the bedroom and as I open the door he says, ‘HI!’ to William in the cutest voice. He then runs up to Will’s crib and says, “hold me, hold me” (He hasn’t been able to distinguish the difference between I want to hold him vs I want to be held), so I pick up William and hand him to Ben and he helps me put him on the floor. I love this little routine we have.

Some days I’ll be honest, Ben doesn’t really like William. But other days like the one from the picture below, Ben wants to do nothing more than hang out with Will and do everything he does and hold him constantly. I love those days. I love all the days really but those ones are just extra special.


These boys are so special.  Ben is so full of love.  He wants nothing more than to love and be loved.  He’s just one big ball of love.  I think those days I talked about before when he doesn’t like William so much, it’s because for some reason or another maybe William has gotten a little more attention so he lashes out. I get it.  He’s 2.  He’s learning his way.  He is so smart and loves to read books.  I need a little more patience so that I can read him books, sometimes the same one, over and over!  He is extremely polite (I think) for his tiny little age.  He says please and thank you all the time without being asked.  He loves nursery and goes in with a hug and kiss from dad and ‘bye!’  He on several occasion reminds me that we need to say a prayer and quietly folds his arms and waits to softly repeat the words he feels comfortable saying, with a big ‘AMEN’ at the end.  I’ve noticed how acutely aware of his surroundings he is.  When anybody is leaving the house he makes sure to say goodbye even if he’s busy playing in his own little world.  A new favorite is when we wake up in the morning he says ‘g’mornin mama or g’mornin mimi!’   The video below is me trying to capture the way he says ‘drink of milk’.  I love it.  I couldn’t even try to write it like he pronounces it so this is better.  And I realize that I’m the only one who probably thinks it’s as cute as it is…good thing it’s my blog!


William is a doll.  Really.  He is so freakin cute it kills me.  I look at him and remember exactly why it is that I get baby hungry.  I love him SO MUCH!  He is so full of life! He is even more curious and adventurous than Ben was which is huge and he is also extremely stubborn and strong willed.  I think this is because he’s so stinkin smart!  What are we in for!  He is really small (5th percentile) but chubby as can be.  Is that even possible? Guess so.  He adores his papa and practically squeals with joy when papa enters the room and bolts across the room to see him.  He’s turning into a really good eater and sleeper!  He plays well by himself but also loves to play with Ben and anybody else who is willing…except strangers…unfortunately there is a little of that creeping in.  Sorry strangers!  Come back in about a year and maybe he’ll let you hold him!  The poor kid has more sensitive skin than his mama and is suffering from bad eczema but he doesn’t complain much if at all.  Just me.  We can’t imagine our lives without this little guy.  He is such a joy to be around and you can’t help but smile.

Wow.  I didn’t start this post with the intent for it to be a documentary.  But they are my life!  And I love my life!

A few days ago we went to a place called Green Canyon here in Logan to do s’mores with some dear friends of ours.  Turns out they were actually camping that night which we didn’t join in on but wished them the best!  It was so cold!  But Ben had fun exploring the cave and watching the fire and of course the s’mores!  This was a first time for him with the whole s’more thing so it was fun.  He didn’t love them as much as I thought he would but that’s Ok! No complaining here!  There is always next time!  I wish I’d gotten pics of the Jacksons (not just cute Emma I’m holding on my lap)!

IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0742 IMG_0743

IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Well that’s all for now folks….I’ll leave you with some pics of Ben in his new babiators.  Love them.  So does he.

IMG_0763 IMG_0767