I owe that wise person who told us in the beginning of David’s PhD a big apology. They said that it would take much longer than we anticipated and I of course brushed it off because we were ‘different’ and his purpose was clear. Yup, you were right old friend. I should have listened and been more prepared.

I lost count the times that I thought he was ‘done’ only to have it continue on for another semester, another year…or two…or four.

We even had a graduation ceremony last May (or was that 2 May’s ago?) because yet again we were supposed to be done…or so we thought…again.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones however, otherwise the school wouldn’t have let him participate in it.

Don’t we all feel stupid.

Well folks, that day finally came.

Somehow it actually happened.

The illusive day finally made itself known.

The Doctoral Defense.

I had to make refreshments for his PhD scientist committee and any others that wanted to attend.

My kids, their Lego’s and their promise to be quiet were settled in the corner.

Friends and Family were there.

He was ready and nervous.

And he killed it.

Was what he’d done the last several years enough?

After the public presentation everyone was kicked out, including him, and his committee members talked among themselves about who knows what and then they brought him back in and grilled him for another what seemed like an hour.

We (not so) patiently waited in the hallway to see if he would pass…if they would sign his dissertation, stating that they believed he had done enough work to deserve the degree. (pshhhh)

Well my friends! He did!!

He is now OFFICIALLY done.

Not just done with one aspect and needing to do just one little other thing…



Here. Want proof?

I did.


I can’t think of another word that describes how we feel right now.


Oh I’m sure it will take another year or so for it to completely sink in. It’s not something you just wake up the next day after years and years and say oh now that’s over.

There could be no better Christmas present than this.

PhD’s are no joke. They are preposterous as a matter of fact.

The loopholes and the bureaucracy.


Do we urge others to go and get a PhD? Probably not.

But we are grateful for our journey and what it has taught us. Yes, it taught me a lot too even though my name’s not on that diploma.

Wow. Done.

This is weird.

Merry Christmas!!