All I have for now….

Snapshot of our backyard from our little balcony. The black plastic is where our future garden will be.

I have been terrible about taking pictures since we’ve moved into our new house; both of the family and of the house itself.  This is all I have for now. It’s going to be a while before the house looks like I want it to. And the habit of picture taking needs to be reheated. Moving into a big empty house that needs to be filled just before a baby is born is not the easiest thing to do.  So many things on my to do list or my want list.

That house you see between the trees in the background the one with the white pillars is ours

Even though we are doing the midwife thing again which apparently is waaay less expensive than a hospital birth, we still have to come up with that extra expense somehow, not to mention all the baby stuff that I’m basically starting over with. I have a crib (minus the mattress) and some blankets…but that’s it.

We have 3 nice little apple trees that make for a nice shady spot in the back yard!
I love the Wellsville mountains so close!

Thankfully I have an amazing friend who spread the news to another mutual friend who just had a baby boy and is looking to pay it forward with baby clothes! I can’t believe how lucky we are with that! What a blessing.

But I do love this house.  Ya, it smells like old house (built in 1909) and it has more cracks in it than the great wall of China which allows all sorts of bugs in.   It does have it’s quirks and I’d probably never buy it but I love all the space. I love the charm is has with it’s 10 ft ceilings and wood trim around all the doorways and the 1.5 ft baseboards. I love the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling that I thought I’d hate because of the color. I love the huge porch that someday I’ll get to decorate. I love the huge yard with the old barn and horse. I love that Lucie finally has her own room. I love that it’s already becoming home.

The plans for the future are uncertain. Our ultimate goal is to someday build our own house (it’s a dream of David’s) and I think that it’ll happen. We just don’t know exactly when…or where for that matter. So for now we are setting up shop here.

I’m excited to bring baby boy no name into the world in this home. Here’s to hoping that I can have the ability to ‘nest’ to my liking as it’s a big part of giving birth comfortably, naturally and painfree at home (more on that later).


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  • I love all the pics, cousin! Keep updating! When I read your last post I wanted to say “Keep updating! Keep updating!” I wish your mom still wrote on her blog too.
    Your house is adorable. I love that it’s close to the mountains and has horses and barns around it. It feels so cozy. The unknown future is hard. But you can do this. 🙂

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