Amateur Gymnast (can I even use that word?)

No, it’s more like amatuer tumbler.

Yup, that’s what I am. hehe.

I’ve watched my boys rolling and jumping and swinging around for the last year or so and became inspired to try it myself! Forget the fact that I’m old and out of shape and never done a back bend in my life…I was going to try it because…why not?!

It’s been a couple months of 30 mins a week now.

I’ve done somersaults. I’ve improved my kartwheels. I’ve done round offs that gave me a migraine. I’ve started learning handsprings and landed one for the first time last week!

I get dizzy and am more sore than I’ve ever been which hinders me from working out for the rest of the week but…. I LOVE IT!

The thing that I am most excited and proud of is my BACKFLIP!

I’ve wanted to be able to do a backflip forever! As long as I can remember!

2 lessons later and bam! Yay!!!!

Such simple pleasures.

I might be hitting mid thirties but I like to act like I’m still young (ok ok grandma I know I am still young)

This is definitely helping me feel younger! I love what it’s doing for my mental health!

You should try it.

And by it, I mean that thing you’ve always wanted to do but been too nervous or thought you were too old or too tall or short or whatever excuse you can come up with.

Here’s a little shove from me to you to go for it…because it’s fun.

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