Christmas was wonderful. We had our own Christmas morning here at home with cinnamon rolls and presents and what is probably going to be a new tradition.

And yep, I didn’t take any photos that morning so what you see are still shots taken from video…you can see that didn’t work so well.

Before the boys went downstairs we told them to come snuggle in bed with us for a bit while we read the scriptures on the birth of Jesus.

I might just make that an everyday new tradition actually…that way we get our reading done before our days have the chance to get too busy or crazy. Hmmmm. I like it.

Then we headed up to my parents house where we had even more cinnamon rolls and more presents! We even got to watch Mr. Krueger’s  Christmas which I vaguely remember from my childhood..I love it! We will probably also make that a family tradition around Christmas.

It’s so nice to be with family on Christmas. I love my family dearly.

My Sister in law is so gorgeous…and whenever I stand next to her I feel like an ogre. I’m pretty sure she is on her toes in this picture. Look at her beautiful smile.

After a wonderful dinner (that was too yummy it didn’t last long enough to take pictures of) of lobster bisque, turkey, mashed potatoes, salad and some other yummy bites we hit the sledding hill! My parents neighbors have a fantastic sledding hill in their backyard. It’s pretty awesome.

These cousins…

I am not quick enough with my camera. But some of these reactions were great.

These next two from David are posed. I missed the genuine awesome excitement photo when we first opened his photometer so I asked him to try again. Boy was he excited!

I’m discovering that William’s not the kind of kid you can say, “William smile for the camera!” or this is what you get. haha!!! Kinda freaky looking!

But also adorable.

Ben gave papa a book we had about a boy owling with his Pa. He wrote an inscription in the front too. Sweet boy.

A couple nights before Christmas we made our graham cracker houses. Look at that concentration!

Henry got a new snowsuit…it’s a little big.

Here’s your sugar for the day…you’re welcome.

Happy Christmas 2018!