Dishwasher Woes

About a month ago our neighbors below us noticed a large area of their ceiling that was sagging and soggy!  It was in their kitchen so naturally the attention was brought up to our apartment to find the culprit.

Thus started the fiasco.  At first they thought maybe it was just the sink caulking that needed to be done again but after doing that when the leaking didn’t stop they had a plumber come look at the dishwasher.  Bingo!  Apparently each time we ran the dishwasher (which was about 2X’s a day for about 7 months) a bunch of water spattered out to the flooring and ceiling below.  It was a mess.  The concrete pad under the dishwasher was soup!  Crazy!  I guess we don’t know how long the thing had been leaking but long enough for that to occur.

So then started the waiting.  Waiting for the restoration guys to come look at it and then the insurance adjusters to come look at it…all in a matter of 2 weeks with no work getting done and no dishwasher!!!

Ugh!  Ok it was painful at first but I actually got used to it and found my kitchen to be consistently cleaner than when I did have a dishwasher.  It just had to be done!

The day came when they came to work.  We found out they weren’t just replacing the dishwasher but the flooring too! Yay!  Of course nothing gets done as fast as you think so we were walking ever so cautiously for a couple days so as to not get slivers in our feet..but the day came!  They installed new flooring and a new dishwasher!

I made sure they checked for mold.  They assured me there wasn’t any but I’m still skeptical.  Hopefully we’ll be here only a few more months. Who knows?

Anyway, in the mean time I’m enjoying my new found appreciation for a dishwasher and my (cheap) wonderful new floor.  Ahhhhh apartment living.  Oh simple pleasures.

On their way out we mentioned (reluctantly but in necessity) the toilet and how stubborn and awful it is at it’s job and they just pretended not to hear us. I don’t blame them.  I’d be sick of seeing me too if I had just spent a month dealing with that crap.  Maybe I’ll wait a couple weeks before I complain again.  🙂 hehe

Here’s some before and after pics for your pleasure. 🙂


See the nasty white linoleum? It has stains and things that no matter how I scrubbed just wouldn’t come out…and it was squishy. Ew.  And the perpetrator you can barely see on the right just sneakily sitting there being all old and leaky.



Isn’t it beautiful? They are coming to do the baseboard on Saturday.  Maybe I’ll leave him a note about the toilet then.