Garden Valley the Beautiful

End of May brought a much desired and needed trip to Garden Valley, ID. Where’s that you say? Why I’ll show you! 83622

You can see it’s just about an hour north of Boise.  But what’s so great about it is, it’s like backwoods, rugged, pine tree, mountains.  The real deal.  This is where my hubby grew up and where his darling folks still reside.

Here’s a taste.

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It’s drop dead gorgeous.  So besides just wanting to get up there to clean out our lungs and have a relaxing mountain escape, we knew it was time for Lucie to see her Grandma and Grandpa Sherwood!  It had been too long!

I got to go pick up Lucie down in American Fork that day and on the way home we stopped at Ikea to spend some quality girl time walking thru the coolest store ever (as Lucie put it).  Someday I promised her a room filled with her choice of Ikea purchases.  I love to see her smile!

We spent the rest of the drive to Logan just chatting about odds and ends but this girl never ceases to amaze me.  I really enjoyed our time together and hope that someday I can be as cool as her (ie she was showing me her new knife she bought (because she’s cool like that) and that she was excited to castrate the cows next year with it!  Whaaaa!) She also is just the best big sister anyone could ever ask for.


Anyway when we got back home to Logan it wasn’t long before we were back in the car on our way north! Rollar skates and all!

Fortunately, David has a brother that lives in Boise so we were able to stop there and take a break before taking the windy road up to GV.  We ate at a family ‘famous’ restaurant that apparently Lucie’s mom and David’s sister worked at for years Johnny Carinos…it was….eh.  I know I know I must be picky. But it was good company! That’s all that matters!


After visiting with his brother for a while at his AH-mazing house we piled back into our tiny (not complaining, ok maybe a little) car and drove to the Sherwood Forest…think I’m kidding?


This is G & G’s house…THE Sherwood Forest. Cute. Oh and that’s our tiny car. 🙂

Now coming upon this area, this house,  you wouldn’t expect what you were about to see.  A yard so beautifully landscaped and gardened you’d think it belonged in a magazine.  It’s Grandma Sherwood’s pride and joy…and you can see why.  Such artwork and dedication all wrapped up in that wonderful mountain corner.

IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2156

The next day and the rest of the week was wonderful.  First things first though we celebrated a certain 11 year old girls birthday!  She turned 11 on the 26th and we wanted to do our part.  Not much but I think she was happy.


One of the days Grandma had the brilliant idea of going on a scavenger hunt…and the items to find were pinecones, and moss and clover and a bug and dandelion etc.  The boys of course had fun filling their bags with said items.

See the knife?

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UNfortunately I’m  not that spot on when it comes to consistency in carrying the camera around to capture wonderful moments.  Like for instance there was that time when we were taken through the mountains riding Kawasaki mules (aka ‘monster truck’s to Ben) that was just beautiful and very exciting and would have made for wonderful pics…but nope.  Not one.  Ugh.

And then my dreams came true as my MIL announces that she’s purchased us (David and I) an hour and a half horseback ride for our anniversary.  Yay!! But of course…no camera.  I almost didn’t mind though…I wanted to soak it all in and not worry about carrying and fidgeting with it.  BUT thank you to our lovely guideswoman who offered to take some on her phone and send them to us!  Double yay!!

IMG_0987 IMG_1417 IMG_1693 IMG_8823

It was glorious. You know what?  I belong on a horse.  I really do.  And I miss it more than I thought I did…which is a lot.  I ache for it.  The various smells were even being inhaled (by me) like something sweet and refreshing.  Oh what a ride.  I’m so grateful to Anita for giving us that experience but I also feel like I’m now a ravenous animal whose had a taste of something and I wont be satisfied until I get more. :O hehe

One other event well worth mentioning was the day when Anita took me to lunch.  We drove the few miles (if that) into the little city called Crouch.  Oh the charm this little town has…it’s bursting. We sat down outside at this lovely cafe and had a delicious salad and talked.  It was really enjoyable and I learned more about my amazing MIL which added to my respect and love for her than I already had.  What a woman!!!  What a memorable time.

We then jumped from charming store to another while we looked at seeds, flowers and an assortment of other handcrafted treasures.  Anita insisted that we keep up with one of her favorite traditions among her daughters and had me pick out some earrings for myself! I love them! I have to say that I have LOVED this tradition as well. 🙂  Thanks Anita!

The next and last stop we made was at the newly (or not yet officially opened) Crouch Museum.  I wish I could do it justice with my words but I could never.  It was really very fun to walk around that old building among old historic memories and all the rich history that this one tiny charming town has.  Again what a memorable time.

The cracks and crevices of the week were filled in by naps, walks through the woods and the golf course (finding not just golf balls but what we’re sure was marijuana among the weeds!),  cookout’s around the fire pit, swimming in warm hot springs water, football tag, library visit, four-wheeler rides, Granny’s,  eating well and laughing lots.

Enjoying Grandmas yard
Looking for Golf balls (not pot)
Found 10 balls! Lucie’s idea to make and F for Family. Love her.
Eating lunch on the balcony….oh the view!!! The smells! Those faces!!!

20150527_105015 20150527_115141

The fun had to come to an end of course but we are so grateful for the memories.  I love this family of mine so so much.



Until next time Garden Valley the Beautiful!




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