Goodbye – Mama’s Song


The other day I had Celine on in the house and this song came on.  I felt many emotions while listening to it even though it was probably the millionth time I’ve heard it.

First I was completely grateful for the mom I am blessed with.  Then I was filled with gratitude for the gospel and the life we know of after this.  Now I am not saying that I know what Celine Dion’s beliefs are because she very well could believe in life after death and probably does.  But does she and the rest of the world know her mom and can be her mom for eternity?  That the sweet relationship doesn’t have to end at death?

This song made me mourn for those who have loved ones pass while not knowing what’s happened to them, to their spirit.  What a confusing, scary and awful experience.

I know that we will all be together again as resurrected beings because of Jesus Christ… that thru the Temple’s our families are bonded.   I know that when we die our spirit lives on.  I know that the world has been gifted with some extraordinary knowledge and power thru the Restoration and that the knowledge and power desperately needs to be shared.

I am grateful for my mom.  She is extremely strong and genuine and an amazing example to me.  If I knew that the day would come she would pass away and it would be the last time I saw her, I just couldn’t handle it.  I don’t know what I would do.  That’s why I am SO grateful that it’s not going to be that way.  Share the news!!