Grateful & Looking Ahead – 2019

It came out that my husband has never set actual goals at the new year. Never written any down or been specific in the goal setting type way.

It wasn’t too surprising though because he’s not the type that needs to set goals…he’s so driven already and his next step is always clear…he doesn’t stop until it’s done. Everyone can benefit from setting goals but he’s just not been in the mindset the last 7 years.

But with school being done the good Doctor (ha) felt like he could set some with me.

Here they are…


  • Spend more time with family – take Fridays off.
  • Deadlift 500# by end of year
  • Build indoor growing system
  • Reading scriptures together as family every morning


  • Better posture
  • Gymnastics moves/limber and strong
  • Take at least 4 trips with family
  • Be more social – put myself out there
  • Learn more about provident living so I can magnify my calling
  • Help bring someone to gospel
  • Organize and clean storage room and garage
  • Put away food in the fall (canning)
  • Start saving for down payment and emergency fund

There you have it. At least it’s good to put out there even if it’s just fun to look back at the end of the year and laugh at how horrible you did. And then maybe it continues on and someday it will come to be.

Happy 2019 world. I feel like it’s going to be a good one.

Oh also these are good…but not mine.

Photo credit: Mari Andrew @bymariandrew. Love her stuff.