Halloween 2017

Well that’s life.

Sometimes no matter what you do you get sick.

My husband and I both came down with ‘the bug’ on Saturday morning. Now you might say that because we weren’t throwing up that we didn’t have it as bad and I’d mostly agree with you but we still felt as awful as if we had been. It took until Monday morning till we started feeling better and still today our digestive systems are a little wacky.

Maybe our little grape juice trick helped the wrath kick it down a notch (but was it?) and maybe the special cleaner still does really work but sometimes in life you just get sick. That’s been my lesson this time around. It’s been 5 years since I was sick like this and maybe you just can’t avoid it because well we’re human.

I don’t like it. But I have to live with it.

I will say however that my coping (preventing) methods have increased in number a little. We’ve added in using paper towels to dry our hands instead of cloth ones that harbor bugs for days and some other things like that that help me sleep better at night.

Besides, this little guy (with no name) is coming this month and I feel somewhat panicked to make sure we don’t get sick again and overlap his wonderful entrance into the world with rushing to sanitize the house etc.

Emetophobia really does have it’s challenges. Winter isn’t just a time of holiday’s  and cheer. It’s a time of worry and anxiety because that’s when the virus spreads like wildfire.

I don’t know if I can ‘cure’ myself or if someday I should go to counseling but for now this experience has taught me plenty and I’m sure I have tons more to learn.

But this post is about Halloween right?!

Oh what a Halloween this year has brought. My 5 and 4 year old have been literally counting down the days.

Fortunately, our ward Halloween party fell on a day in between everybody’s illness so we were able to go and enjoy that (don’t worry I pulled out of the chili contest so that we didn’t spread anything unnecessarily).

They had games galore where the kids could win tickets they could then trade in for prizes. They thought it was the best thing since chocolate milk in cereal after eating coco puffs.

When David and I got sick we kept preparing them that there was a chance that mom and dad wouldn’t feel good enough to take them trick or treating. Fortunately, again we were well enough to enjoy that.

But first let me write about their costumes.

I’m such a procrastinator.

I was doing fine when they wanted to be a pumpkin ghost and a spider. Ok, at least I thought I would be fine. But then they both excitedly changed their minds and wanted to be robots instead!

SO pinterest to the rescue!

I’m ALL about homemade costumes. I just love the look and feel of them, they are one of a kind and usually much cuter than anything store bought.

Turned out that homemade robot costumes weren’t something you could throw together in a snap without running all over town getting supplies….or so I thought.

My dear hubby came home that night and saw my despair (afterall this was just a day or so before our friend halloween party where we and the kids were supposed to wear costumes) and he took over.

He literally took one swoop through the house and garage and came back to my pathetic pile self on the floor with everything we needed to make robot costumes. We did need to spend some money on a roll of aluminum tape but that was all! Big spenders! He and the boys waxed creative and had a blast coming up with their costumes.

By the next morning they were done and the boys were ecstatic.

Me, I was thinking, geez how much more white trash can we get?

Ya, they weren’t as cute as some of the ones I’d seen on pinterest but they were done and they were happy so that’s all that mattered. They light up people! How fun is that!

And last night as we were out in the cold and dark trick or treating and literally everyone who passed them on the sidewalks or answered the door said, “Oh those are so cute!” or “That’s cool!” or “Those are the best costumes I’ve seen all night!” I couldn’t help but laughing to myself, ‘wow, and we spent a whopping $10 on tape.’

Another lesson learned.

I was stressing way too much about making the cutest homemade costumes, thinking we had to spend a sum of money etc etc. but it turns out duh that that’s not what halloween is about. Memories are what matters and made plenty of those!

Happy Halloween!

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  • SUCH adorable costumes!!! Your Pooh bear tummy!! 🙂 🙂 so cute! Love the robots. Sorry you got the bug. 🙁 Can’t believe how spaced out that little bugger was.

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