A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post about the importance of sleep in our family and how I feel it’s blessed our lives. It was also about healthy eating and with these two tools combined how we had been blessed to be very healthy. My boys had experienced very little sickness up to that point.

Oh boy have these past few months been a humbling experience. This is what I said…

“So take it from someone whose two beautiful boys are confidently the healthiest kids on the block…”


This year I am confident that we have been the SICKEST family on the block.

Ya we still sleep lots and eat super healthy and I’m certain it’s helped each illness be shorter than it could have been but man it certainly hasn’t kept us from picking up EVERY single bug that’s out there this year!

One or two of us has been sick every day since Christmas Eve.

At this moment it’s my turn again. Crazy chest congestion.

I used to look at families that were sick all the time and wonder how they got through it. Seriously I used to think if that were me I would literally die. I know, I’m so dramatic.

The positive of this cold/flu season is that it has taught me that I can make it through alright. I’m actually stronger than I thought. But I guess when we have to we receive the strength we need. We have survived and we’re actually OK! It’s not all as bad as I imagined…which was pretty scary. Cuz don’t get me wrong, it’s been horrible.

But it’s made me appreciate health even more than I already did. It’s made me appreciate sunshine and snuggles with my little ones because it’s forced us to slow down.  It’s helped me be grateful for the little things again.

As much as I dislike our little apartment sometimes I am grateful for the big sliding glass doors that let in SO much sunlight in the winter afternoons. I could sit there all day long in that happy heat.

So yes. I have been humbled this year. I have learned a lot this year in regards to this one little area. I have so much more to learn.

In other news my adorable hubby has made even more progress with his hips/back.  Like I’ve described before he’s a big onion and the next problem to be solved sometimes isn’t revealed until the previous one has been peeled off or solved. He’s confident that he’s on his last layer which is this last muscle that needs to be rolled out. His sleep has gotten so much better and his overall pain levels are so small that it’s very exciting.

Here he is rolling the muscle in question on the big ball and it’s causing so much discomfort that it makes him sweat which is why his shirt is off. Poor guy. But I am constantly amazed at his stamina.

This road is definitely not the quick fix.  It’s not the easy route. It’s been over 2 years. Minimal to no drugs, no surgeries, nothing but lots of research, trial and error, determination, exercise and hard work and more determination. But pretty soon he will be able to say he cured a very serious back and hip problem with just those things. And will still have full use of all his muscles and bones. He amazes me. And I know because of this experience he will be able to help those that want to figure out their own back problems without drugs or surgery.

He has had his share of illness this season too but considering how little sleep he gets each night it’s a straight up miracle that it’s not been more over the past 2 years. I know God has blessed him in that regard.

I am grateful for these trials that we’ve had because of what they’ve taught us.

Is it OK to say that I hope this year is better though?!