IMG_1407If ever there was a time in our life that was titled IRONIIC, now would be it.  It’s funny.  It’s hilarious actually what’s happening right now.  I just laugh.  I have to laugh or I’ll cry.  No that’s not really true.  I don’t think I’m that upset about it…it’s just….funny.  So here’s the scoop.

My parents bought a little house.  Yup.  And we’re super happy about it.  Excited they finally get a little place to call their own.  But this isn’t the reason we’re moving back into a tiny apartment.  Yup.  We’re moving….again….BACK into a tiny apartment.  Even if my parents weren’t buying a place and in the process forcing us to move too we would be doing it anyway and here’s why.  This is ironic part.  We’re broke.  Yup, broke.  We’re more broke than we’ve ever been in our entire marriage.  Why is it ironic?  Well because we’re basically knocking on victory’s door with the business and his research…we’re SO close to being OK and yet we have to sell everything and squeeze into a box.

I just can’t stop shaking my head…it’s just so funny!  We’re calling it the calm before the storm…or is it the other way around??  hehe.  But when all is said and done and I get over the headache of moving and cleaning, I feel pretty happy about it.  It’s more refining and learning, it’s the ability to have a little more breathing room for fun activities or clothes.  It’s me being exited about getting a part time job because I’m excited to get out of the house and have a conversation everyday with an adult and let the boys spend more quality time with their dad.

And as MUCH as I am going to miss living with my parents (going to miss it  A LOT) I am of course excited to have our own little place, humble as it may be.  It’s a good thing all around.  It really is and we’re excited for the next chapter in our lives.  It’s good to have ironic in your life I think…it’s funny.