It’s a real thing…



No, I don’t have a real psychological disorder.  I love to be in bed but only if I’m sleeping.

It’s because I’m pregnant…right? I can blame a lot of stuff on that.  I stay up too late because a lot of days I don’t want the next day to start so soon, I mean it seems like the few hours in the evening with my hubby are just about non existent and well most days are just about the same and besides I like to wind down at night in front of the TV.  How’s that for a list of excuses?

I’ve noticed that if I don’t get close to 10 hours of sleep, shortly after I wake up and do breakfast and scriptures I am ready for sleep again and dragging! At around 9 am!

When I do get closer to 10 hours I can tell a huge difference. Is that excessive? I remember once my medical school brother telling me that 10 hours of sleep might be too much, but I think he was talking to pre-pregnancy me.

In face I’m sure he was. I’m sure now he would tell me it’s perfectly normal for a woman of my condition to need that much sleep. Plus naps.

So, I think I’ll go take a nap.