KC MO w/ Lu

My little brother graduated from medical school this month and I was fortunate enough to be able to go out and witness it. We knew all along that we couldn’t afford to take the kids especially right off our San Diego trip earlier this year so it was just going to be me. Somewhat last minute however I invited Lucie to come with me and she went for it!! Girls trip!! I am so grateful she decided to come with me.

This was her second time on an airplane, the first being a very small trip to Boise from Salt Lake a few years ago. Thus, all the airplane photos. I might be biased but I think this girl has a eye for photography. Look how cool these are!



I love how the blue fades into a dark blue/black! She also got this cool shot where our plane was surrounded by a rainbow!

We felt like we were protected by a powerful forcefield. haha.

The Grand Canyon below.

We had some fun on the plane. We were laughing at Mimi because she was sooo cold (not funny) and she just looked funny.

Once we landed we met up with Clarky and Tori (his girlfriend) at a bbq joint. One of his genius doctor buddies was there too. Besides the graduation this trip turned out to be all about the food. And it started off great! Be ready for lots of food pics.

The next 2 days was full of sightseeing and food devouring.

After a delicious breakfast we went to the Art Museum there in Kansas City which was pretty impressive. We saw Monet’s, Renoir’s and Rembrandt’s.

Oh and that guy!

I love me some art. We could have spent all day there but we had other things to see and do!

Like lunch at the Pigwich! YUUUUMM.

Then we were off to Liberty and Independence with a pit stop at the Kansas City temple. Which was a ghost town btw…very weird.

On the way back home to rest we stopped by this cool abandoned castle place and explored. It was creepy and beautiful at the same time.


We heard a really loud train nearby and it turned out to be two and they went on forever! We talked about how unrealistic it is in the movies when people jump down on top of them. Mimi proved it. Toast.

Home we went until about 8:45pm when we left again to catch a late movie at a theatre that serves dinner! Ooooh it was late but it was so worth it! Pokemon wasn’t really any of our things but we enjoyed it anyway and the food again was really good! Yum!!

Because we stayed up so late we were able to go pick up Brian and my Dad from the airport.

We slept good and had another great day ahead!

We headed to an area of Kansas City that has blocks and blocks of old abandoned brick buildings that used to be manufacturing buildings back in the day. It was a really cool vibe. And a lot of them were being used as antique markets or other random businesses. One that we walked into was a piano warehouse.

After this we headed to the train station which is now the 2nd largest station of it’s kind in the country, Grand Central in New York being the first. Ice cream, cool shops, train and lego displays and a ride in the road car..is that what they’re called?

At this point we were hungry again and we decided it was time for Joe’s. Joe’s is a bbq joint that I’d been hearing about FOREVER. When my parents would go out and visit my brother they would go, I heard it from my other brother who went, it was supposed to be the best bbq place EVER! My expectations were high. It was talked up a lot and for a long time.

And now the time was here. To see if it met the expectations. 

Here we are in the line that almost wraps around the building. Yes, us and thousands of other people wait in an hour or longer line to get inside and eat this food. My expectations went up even more. Just grateful it wasn’t raining or too hot.

It was at this time I realized that I hadn’t packed any nice clothes for the graduation (duh) and knew I’d have to go shopping after being stuffed with kansas city bbq. Great.

When you get inside the doors, you’re only halfway there. The line keeps going to back corner of the building. Ya.

We let Clark do the heavy lifting with ordering..with a little input from us.

2 slabs of ribs, 2 lbs of brisket, 2 fries, 2 onion rings, and 2 coleslaws…

we found a seat…

can you tell I’m building up for the climax?

Ya. Well…

It certainly was just that.


This food was out of this world!!!

My expectations were blown out of the water and beyond.

I’m a bit of a harsh critic.

I almost cried you guys. This was so good. And it wasn’t just the seasoning and the amazing bbq sauce that they sell by the gallon but everything was just perfectly executed. The onion rings weren’t soggy and the breading didn’t fall apart, the fries were the mother of all fries..the coleslaw was the perfect kind of crunchy and savory, not too much mayonnaise. MMMMMM.

The meat.

Oh man, the meat.

DEFINITION of fall of the bone and MELT IN YOUR MOUTH.

I felt glutinous. I felt naughty. It was so good. I felt so blessed. I feel silly talking about it like this now but man it was amazing people. I’d fly out there just for this. I guess that’s why they ‘ship’ their food though I can’t imagine it’s as good warmed up.

The best part was that I didn’t leave feeling disgusting. I wasn’t even stuffed but I didn’t want more..it was the perfect amount and nothing was wasted. Perfect.

Now I could go and find a skirt without feeling like I wanted to lay down and take a nap. Lucie, my mom and I had a ‘good’ time shopping at the Plaza. I say ‘good’ because my mom and I HATE shopping so it’s always a chore…but we made it fun. And I found a skirt in a relatively short amount of time. The boys and Tori had dropped us off and when we were ready to be picked up they came and got us and went to frozen custard. More yum.

We went to bed fairly early because the big day started early in the morning especially for Clark.


Look at him being all doctory.

Dr. Clark Stephenson.

So proud!

I love the guy at the bottom looking at Clark thinking “man he’s tall, I hope he gets it over his head.”

I always cry at graduations. That stupid song. The pride. The accomplishment. The joy. I’m always a baby…and this day no different.

What a guy. What a thing he’s done through some of the hardest times of his life.

Where’s waldoooo..I mean Clarko!!


Of course pictures afterwards. Brian unfortunately had to leave before the end so he wasn’t there but managed to get this before he took off.

My little brothers. Ha. Love them.

Free man! Look how happy he looks!


He’s done!


After this we went, can you guess…to eat!

Brazilian steakhouse.YUm.

I think that was the end.

Oh no! We ran to a store to get Lucie a birthday Kansas City Shirt from Mimi (I had to get one too) and then we had to head to the airport.

Vegas at night proved to be a great photo op.

It was such a wonderful trip. In every way. It was perfect time with my Lucie Lu. Perfect celebration of my brother’s hard work. Food from heaven the entire time! Seeing new things, feeling the spirit and meeting new people. Right until the very end it was perfect. We were sad it was over but grateful for the experience.