May Flowers

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It’s when this time of year comes around that I love living in Logan.  I could stay forever if it stayed like this.  Forever.  But alas it doesn’t and unfortunately it gets about 8 months of winter…bummer.  Anyway we are definitely enjoying our time and our yard right now.  The smells, the flowers, the sky, the breeze, the cool nights with the windows open to clean out the house out of the winter must.  We are missing my mom since she flew south but know that her warmer weather down there is doing her good.  I’m afraid she’d find this blessed weather a little too cold still.

David finished classes and we had a partial celebration (we can’t fully celebrate till he’s REALLY done).  I am so proud of him.  He works so hard and has more on his plate than maybe most doctoral students (ie: business, needy wife) yet he still managed to pull of A’s and a B+.  He’s amazing.  He’s been taking a well deserved breather this week and the boys and I have seriously savored it.  This summer is going to shed a lot of light on where our life is going to take us.  It’s kind of fun thinking of the possibilities! Right now we just tell people we don’t know because we don’t and there are too many possibilities to name!

The 2 rascals are doing great.  William is almost 10 months (I don’t know how it happened) and still wearing 6 month old clothes.  Don’t worry we’re still watching him.  The only reason I don’t worry is because he is just progressing everywhere else.  He is so talkative and happy and SMART! He throws temper tantrums, he plays cars with Ben with the car noises included and he is seriously thinking about taking his first step.  He’s mastered the whole standing stationary thing (without holding onto anything) and thinks he’s pretty cool.  He loves big boy food and will often eat food that Ben wont, which helps with Ben.  If he’s full and rested he could play by himself for hours.  He’s pretty awesome.  I kinda love him.

Ben is definitely 2.  I have to remind myself of that now and then.  He is quite the talker and shocks me sometimes with the words he knows.  Ie: this morning while playing the bowling game on the ground and missed said, ‘dane it!’ (Dang it!)  Whoops!  Gotta work on that.  Sorry bud, I know I confuse you when you hear me say that and then tell you not to.  Then there are things that just make me laugh like crazy.  Like when he asks for apple pie and I am just confused because he’s never been exposed to apple pie or has any idea what pie is, especially apple.  But then I realize that he’s referring to the PINEAPPLE that we enjoyed the night before.  HA! That’s funny right? !  Almost buddy!  Just a little switcheroo and insert an N and you got it!

He knows most of his alphabet, not necessarily in order yet (isn’t that nonsense anyway?) and lots of his numbers.  It’s wild.  He knows I am a Child of God and Oh My Father WORD FOR WORD and sings along.   Proof that if you want your child to know something just repeat it over and over from the time they are an infant.  Voila!  Pretty sweet.  I mean really sweet.  It just melts my heart to hear him sing those songs in his lyspy way.

Anyway that’s my boys.  They love each other.  I love them.  We’re a happy family.  Barney?  hehe

Right now we are awaiting the arrival of daddy and papa as they’ve been in San Francisco on rabbit business.  Currently they are stuck in the SLC airport because they lost their luggage Grrrrrrr!  Ben has missed his daddy.  He keeps saying, ‘dada home?’ Dada awake?’ It will be a fun reunion.  Oh the fun!  We are blessed.