More Fall Ya’ll

We were fortunate enough to have Lucie through Halloween and Thanksgiving this year. She had a week at her other home between that but it was so nice to have her home here for that long.

I’m going to post some photos of our fall shenanigans that I haven’t yet…for the sake of recording.

First off, we had a company climbing night. It was really fun. We have an awesome team at Sherwood Pet Health!

I love my goofy, amazing husband.

Next, leaves!!!

Oh how we love fall leaves!

And we had a lot this year!

(Can you have more leaves one year than another year? Don’t your trees produce the same amount?)


Carving and Halloween!

Lucie and her best pal, Mia went as Team Ropers! Duh! This is how they look every day. haha

The cowardly lion answering the door!

Our neighbor Cheryl wanted to be apart of our pumpkin lighting. We love her so much.

And now November…

With some Henry pics…cuz he’s just too cute.

The first snow! It didn’t last long.

One evening Lucie taught us what it meant to roast starburst. We were skeptics but it was actually pretty good! But the company and memories were even better.

Family breakfast shot.

I LOVE my Lucie Lu. I already miss her so much.

Thanksgiving this year was an absolute blast. The Ehlerts were gracious enough to invite my family (my brother and his family and my parents) to their home.

Their basement is a children’s paradise.



Big bean bags


Movies Big screen


Oh what a time they all had!

The great Matriarch in the middle. Grandma Stephenson.

Had to snap some very unofficial family pics. Not too shabby for not too planned.

Our beautiful hosts.

It was soooo yummy!

I love my family so much.

So many blessings.

We captured this photo just yesterday of the boys reading Christmas books. After we got the tree out and all the Christmas stuff they were just so excited and happy about the books. I think this year we’ll do the 12 days of books again. Every day they open a new book..and not necessarily a Christmas one. It’s a nice tradition that I think we’ll keep.

This was kind of a random post. But full of my greatest joys.

I have so much to be grateful for and I thank my Heavenly Father for each and every one.

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  • Love this post, cousin! You’re gorgeous and your family is beautiful! You are right, you have so many blessings ❤️

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