Quiet Time

Sometimes as a mom I hear myself say the words, “please leave mommy alone for a minute”. Or “no, I don’t want your help, I want to do this by myself”.

I said these things yesterday when I wanted to sit down for a minute and have a few calm quiet moments with my adult coring book and some music.

But the moment I sit down and engage in something for me it’s like a magnet for little hands and eyes. After saying those phrases that I am not so proud of in response to “mom can I help you? Mom can I see?” I hear, “mom can we just sit and watch you?”

Break my heart. What kind of person am I? My boys just want to spend time with me and be around me, can’t I just take it as a compliment?

So I let them sit on the couch with me and they watch.

Eventually I tear out some pages of my coloring book to give them and they commence to quietly color next to me…For the next half hour. Magical!

It ended up being a wonderful memory making time and turns out I have some talented boys! This is from my 4 yr old who didn’t receive any input or help from me.

I love them so much even if they do drive me crazy sometimes and I think it’s safe to say that they love me too which is all I need to know to keep going, doing my best.