Almost a month ago now we went to a homeschool ski day up at Beaver Mountain. It was so spontaneous for me to hear about it, and sign up! Mostly because none of us has been skiing before. But what a deal! And I’m so glad I did! I guess we got it just in time because many people were on the waiting list! They do this three times a year and this was the last one. Somehow they get this deal for $30 per person you get all your gear, a lesson and all day skiing pass!  Crazy!

This happened to be right before the nasty cold bug swept through our house and unfortunately William came down with it first so he wasn’t able to go. 🙁 Ben had us all to himself. But when lesson time came they took him to a different class and he was off! When we saw him again he was a skiing champ! So proud of him.

David and I had soooooooooooo much fun with our lessons. I feel like we picked it up pretty quick and it was just so fun to be doing something new and exciting! The sun was out and the snow was perfect (or so we were told by many)!

I seriously love skiing. I don’t know why anybody snowboards…

The bunny hill had this new addition since I’d been up there last (15 years ago??). I can’t remember what they called it but it was this cool escalator that just slowly took you up so you could go down as many times as you wanted! We went a lot! I lost count.

But then we got more brave and went on the lift!

There is a hill that has a lot of flatter parts and is super fun to go down so we did that a lot too. We would have kept going but around 2:30 I realized how sunburned we all were getting! Rookie mistake! Never again!

What a fun memory we made. We are hooked on skiing. We can’t wait to take William next year!