Spring and St. George

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”
— Robin Williams

There is a place here in Cache Valley that holds ‘Baby Animal Days’ every spring. This year we went with my good friend Lauren and her kids which was to me the best part but the kids seemed to enjoy all of it.

There were baby bears which is what we were looking at above and definitely the coolest animal there but there was a bunch of other baby’s too…sheep, pigs, cows etc.

Love these kiddos.

Love this baby boy. Love spring!! April is off to a good start!

Another party we had in April was to celebrate David’s birthday. He didn’t want to make this one a big deal, he said we can do 40 big. So that’s what we’ll do. This year was still fun though. He was spoiled which is what he deserves. He’s still just a kid at heart and I love that.

Happy 39 years my love.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
— Margaret Atwood

That quote couldn’t be more true of us lately. It’s everywhere, diapers, fingernails, scalp and in between toes.

David felt like building a RC car track so that’s what he did! This is an earlier photo of the track. The garden was started! Spinach, peas and kale oh my!

I’ve never been so grateful for composted cow manure. Brown gold that we ‘sprinkled’ everywhere in the yard.

Trees are pruned! Whew!

We planted raspberries! So many raspberries! Whoohoo!!

There is so much that we’ve done to this yard it’s very exciting to look around and feel like we’ve done our part in bettering our little corner of the world. Plus there’s not much more we love than being outside and playing in the dirt! Yay spring! Yay flowers and gardening!

One rainy day we were able to go and spend a few hours learning how to ice skate with other homeschool kids. Ben and William were champions. It was not easy but they never gave up!

Sore bums couldn’t keep us from smiling! Whoops, except for William. Ha.

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”
— Mark Twain

We were also able to take a trip to southern Utah and Nevada for my nephews baptism. I was expecting the warmth and sunshine you expect from down there but instead found myself still battling the awful feeling of being ‘cold’ all to often. Wahhh wahh. Such a baby I know.

I’ve been delighted by Logandale Nevada each time I go down there which means my expectations of it have been too low (like it’s a barren desert, how could it be beautiful?). Well it is beautiful in it’s own right with majestic mountains around and farming charm. My brother especially lucked out with a particularly beautiful piece of property! And we sure had fun with the toys tearing up the dirt!

It’s always great for the boys to witness a baptism. They have so many good examples in older cousins who have been baptized and this was one more! Thanks Knox!

My mom and I were able to get in one good hike in my favorite place Snow Canyon and it was made even better by my amazing cousin Jenny coming along! So much fun to hike in beautiful country and have such wonderful conversation with two people I love.

Whew what a month!

Can I say it again?! I love spring!

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  • Love reading about your life, cousin! Your boys are adorable and you are such a great mom. So fun that you had an adventure to St. G. Love hearing about you guys out in your garden and your boys loving the dirt.

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