Amateur Gymnast (can I even use that word?)

No, it’s more like amatuer tumbler. Yup, that’s what I am. hehe. I’ve watched my boys rolling and jumping and swinging around for the last year or so and became inspired to try it myself! Forget the fact that I’m old and out of shape and never done a back bend in my life…I was going to […]

Grateful & Looking Ahead – 2019

It came out that my husband has never set actual goals at the new year. Never written any down or been specific in the goal setting type way. It wasn’t too surprising though because he’s not the type that needs to set goals…he’s so driven already and his next step is always clear…he doesn’t stop […]

My New Dining Nook

It started in July. The plans. My naive mind thought it could happen in a months time. No, I knew it would probably take a bit longer because things just do….take longer than expected. But I didn’t think it would take this long. Here we are in November. But it’s finished. Well mostly. We’re still waiting […]