Eating Lately : This isn’t all too new or exciting.  I am not doing any sort of clean eating challenge or follow any specific dietary guidelines and don’t suffer from any limitations (except of course the stomach ache that most naturally occurs when you eat too much chocolate).  We eat real good food here and love […]

May Flowers

  It’s when this time of year comes around that I love living in Logan.  I could stay forever if it stayed like this.  Forever.  But alas it doesn’t and unfortunately it gets about 8 months of winter…bummer.  Anyway we are definitely enjoying our time and our yard right now.  The smells, the flowers, the […]

Cache Valley in our View

(This pic was taken on a hike where my mom first met David..we’d only been dating several weeks) David is nearing the end of his second to last semester of grad school.  Or in otherwords he is nearing the beginning of his LAST semester of grad school.  How crazy is that?! It’s really not that […]

I feel like I’ve been the worst blogger lately.  Well it’s because I have.  I don’t know the reason really other than I just don’t have the computer that often anymore since David has it most the time and our other one gave up the ghost.  The other reason could be that there just isn’t […]