The Sherwood Pack


David Sherwood – Daddy, Big Kid, Biologist, PhD graduate, avid gardener and nutrition fanatic.  Father to 4 beautiful children whom he loves and would do anything for.   He is my rock and my best friend.


Anna Sherwood – Mother, wife, wannabe PhD student, nutrition fanatic, lover of music and the smell of wet dirt and/or cement, horses and cooking wholesome food.

Lucie Sherwood – Big sister, dark haired, blue eyed, freckled beauty, smart, best helper award, angel voice, loves the outdoors and her horse Trigger.





Benjamin Sherwood – First boy to carry on the Sherwood name, Brighter than a light bulb. Lover of cars and legos. Competitive and silly.



William Sherwood – Blue eyed wonder with eyelashes for days. Sweet and kind or feisty!! Lover of legos and his blankie and spending time with daddy.

Henry Joseph – Another blue -eyed wonder baby. Happy and such a blessing to his family. We can’t imagine life without him.

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