Things My Kids Say and Do

Having brought home a slice of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory (birthday dinner with my SIL) AND there being leftover from a homemade cheesecake I had made just a few days before William sits at dinner table twirling his finger around each of them saying, “homemade cheesecake or factory made cheesecake? Hmmmmmm…definitely homemade cheesecake! Who would want a cheesecake from a factory!”


William while we are hiking…”If baby girls grow up to be Grandmas then I have the perfect name for a baby girl…Grandma!” We say, should we have named you Grandpa then?


We were talking about something completely random and funny when Ben all the sudden says, “Mom is Sunday called Sun-day because Jesus is light and stuff?  Sun-day? Get it?” Uh…actually that makes perfect sense and I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it like before…thank you 6 year old son.


While tucking William into bed one night as we’re talking he starts to pick his nose and I say, “William please don’t pick your nose, if you need to you can go to the bathroom and blow your nose or use a tissue to get anything out.” He starts to put ‘it’ down the crack by his bed and I stop him and say, “no the boogers don’t belong anywhere else but a tissue, garbage or toilet ok?”  As I continue to talk about house picking his nose is probably what causes a lot of his bloody noses etc and I notice that he slowly and carefully puts the booger back in his nose! LOL! I’m dying and he’s totally serious too and obviously too comfortable in his bed to get out and go to the bathroom so to him that was the only logical thing to do!


William: “Mom do you know that I am so addicted to legos that I’m always thinking about builds I can do? I’m thinking of one right now actually!” Giggle giggle squeal.