Time Travel

These two shows…My goodness.


I’m not watching them at the same time. I finished 7th Heaven quite a while ago. And some new episodes of When Calls the Heart just came on Netflix so I’m doing that now.

But what do they have in common?

They make me very, very nostalgic.

I remember vividly while watching 7th Heaven how I desperately wanted to live with the Camden Family. I wanted to travel back to the 90’s and live on their street. I wanted my kids to go to school with their kids and make friends with them.

I wanted to be the friend who called Annie ON THE PHONE or stopped by and had a slice of cake in her kitchen while we caught up.

It made me so very desirous of the simpler times. No cell phones. Land lines! Pay phones if you were out and needed to call someone. Computers were meant for typing and maybe email…there was no hype about them yet. To me this show was about what real relationships used to look like.

I remember wanting more than anything to take a time machine back with my whole family.

And then enters When Calls the Heart.

Talk about a leap back in time. It takes place in the early 1900’s. I love this show.

And now more than anything I’ve been inspired to live more simply… like these people did. I’m not sure I would truly want to go back that far and live there but I feel like I can learn a lot from their lives.

There is a part of me from watching this show that wants to (and I probably will) dry my clothes out on a line in the fresh air. I want to live in the country, in a small town where everybody knows everybody. I want to home school my children and have pies cooling in the windowsill. I want my home to be small and simple, warmed by a fire. And technology to be scarce and hidden.

I am grateful for shows like these. Yes they are as cheesy as enchiladas but I love cheesy and I feel like the world could use more cheesy. It’s uplifting instead of degrading, inspiring instead of depressing. These two shows do so well at portraying the really important things in life.

So BRING ON THE CHEESE! And if you’re in the market for a new show, may I suggest either one of these to you? I know you wont be disappointed. And if you are, call me. We’ll have a chat.