tumblr_mun6otUKlc1rc794ko1_500So I have to tell you before I write this post that I am not usually one to push things like this.  We’ve all been approached (at least I have) by companies and offers like these our whole lives…Mary Kay, Isagenix to name a few.  I’ve never been interested because I just didn’t care enough about it.  Even these nutrition based companies that really do have quality products and amazing results in the people who are participating in them!  I consider myself passionate about nutrition and so I feel like someday maybe I’ll particpate in one of those companies but for right now I’ve really found my passion.  A company that is producing and selling something that I’d give an arm and a leg for!  Something that I really beleive in.  Essential Oils.  So even though it may seem like I am ‘pushing’ them and being ‘pushy’ like somebody we’ve all met at one point in our lives, I’m not. At least not for the reasons you may think.

It has a lot to do with why I am passionate about nutrition and when you are passionate about something especially something that benefits you in a major way then it’s hard not to share because you want others to benefit in the same way! Sounds like something else I’ve experienced.  Something called the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!?  I’ll save that one for later.

So even though this whole setup is done just like a million other multi-level companies I feel differently about it.  It’s a good way to get your product out there and advertised…might not be the way I’d choose because of the aversion so many people have to it but it’s what they decided.  And my only concern is the product.  It’s harvested, manufactured (distilled), packaged and shipped!  And it costs money to do that.  Money I am willing to pay no matter the means by which I do it.  These are my feelings about it…because I am passionate about it.  I realize others may not be as passionate so those hoops and means may be too much for them and they’ll just move on.  But for those who are interested in EO and want to learn more about it then please read on and see if it’s something you can be passionate about too!  Because what they can do for you is amazing!!

And to read my opinion about why Young Living instead of doTerra go Here.


 So why am I so passionate about it?  There are 2 main reasons:

  1. They smell good.  My nose is like a second brain for me.  It is so influential to the rest of my body and mind.  To say that  I love good smelling things is the understatement of the year.  But in the past few years I’ve had a harder and harder time spritzing perfume on my body because my subconscience mind just knows it’s all chemiclas that I’m inhaling.  And I don’t need any more brain cells to die…I need them all thank you very much!  So the idea of making my own perfume from EO is exciting!  I’ve already read a little bit about it and I’m excited to someday soon start mixing and experimenting with all my different oils!  Don’t think it’ll be the same?  Check out this site that tells you what is in some of the most popular perfumes today!
  2. They benefit your body, mind and spirit.  EO are SOOOOOO therapeutic.  And I don’t just mean in the hippy, 6th sense kinda way.  Although there is that too.  I am passionate about EO because of their ability to HEAL naturally.  Again, it goes back to my problem with putting something unnatural and synthetic in my body ie drugs and medicine.  With EO you can have the same outcome as a pain killer, fever reducer and antibiotic but without the same side effects or risks involved.  Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?  It’s not!!


I’ve only had Young Living Essential Oils in my house for about 3 1/2 weeks now but I’ve already used them in SO  many ways.  Here’s just a few :

  • Lavender – used it in my coconut oil to put on my face and my kids’ feet before bed and naps.  Used it to heal my son’s eczema.  Diffused it in our bedroom as we fall asleep (works!!).  Used it in combination with other oils to combat earache and coldsore.
  • Peace & Calming – rubbed it on my baby’s feet when he is particularly fussy and he calms down.  Diffused it many times and enjoyed it’s calming affect and wonderful aroma.
  • Pan Away – rubbed it on my sore muscles from working out and also on my chronically sore shoulder muscle, really seemed to help!
  • Thieves – rubbed it on my neck where I had a swollen lymph node and sore throat – gone!  Rubbed it on my feet for good measure.  Diffused it to get rid of bacteria and odor in the air.  Stopped a cold sore in it’s tracks!  Used it in combination with other oils to combat earache.
  • Purification – Used to combat dry skin.  Enjoyed diffusing through the air to combat odors – amazing!
  • Peppermint – Used to fight fever in my baby after he got his shots.  Love to smell before a workout for a boost of energy!
  • Lemon – diffused through the house in the morning to wake us all up!  Put a few drops in my water in the morning to get my neurons firing!

And that’s not even all of them!  I’m so excited to try different ways of using them and to see the amazing results!

I will be the first to admit that if you flip through the pages of Young Living’s product guide you will see some interesting/clever oil blends that may be reaching a bit.  Here is an example: there is an oil blend you can purchase called, Magnify Your Purpose.  It’s description says, ‘stimulates creativity, desire, focus and motivation, encouraging you to seize initiative.’  Now maybe it really works because the specific oils they chose and in the specific amounts really does stimulate a certain part of your brain (I haven’t done the research) but the more likely explanation is that with the help of this certain oil and your focus on the description your mind tells you that you really do feel more encouraged.  Either way there is a positive outcome right?

What I am trying to say is that even though you may chuckle a bit as you look through the product guide or have some doubts just know that the majority of these oil blends and most definitely the singles have serious and tangible benefits to your health.


It’s really fun to read about the history of Essential oils and how they have been used since pretty much the beginning of time.  That they are God’s forgotten gift.  Here is a page that shares the basics of it but if you want more just use good ol Google and you’ll find piles!    I just love the fact that EO were used as a means to heal before we had modern medicine.  And obviously we know and can do much more than we did 100 years ago and 1000 years ago and that I am grateful for.  I’m grateful that with EO we can have the best of both worlds.  To heal and prevent naturally but to have modern medicine at our fingertips if needed.  What a blessing!

So if it seems like I’m ever ‘in your face’ or pushy about Essential Oils you know why, right?!  It doesn’t have a thing to do with making money or building a business.  Instead it has EVERYTHING to do with a genuine concern for those I love and wanting the best for you.  We live in a day and age where cancer and all other types of diseases are rampant.  Who ever really knows why it occurs, we have guesses and theories but will we ever know?  I don’t know… but I do know that unnatural things harm our bodies and when our bodies are hurting or sick it creates and allows other sicknesses to occur because they are weaker than they should be.   ESSENTIAL OILS CAN HELP.  They come from the earth, they come from something God created, not man.  That’s something I’ll always be passionate about.

~hugs, Anna