Where is the Peace?

In my last post I mentioned writing in my journal about something that was profound for me. I feel the need to share it here as I know there are others who are like me and may be struggling with the same questions. I can’t say that I have it all figured out and that it’s made everything 100% better because it hasn’t. It’s a daily struggle but I’ve at least been shown the right path to take.

I have ALWAYS struggled with the reality that while I live my comfortable blessed life there are others who suffer tremendously by no fault of their own….simply different circumstances. I constantly wonder, “Why was I given this life I have and not another? Why are there so many who are given more unfortunate lives and not one like mine?”  “This is too good to be true” has been a mantra of mine; sub conscience as it may be.

Just take a stroll through the internet and you’ll not just read about the suffering but you can actually SEE IT. It’s horrific and shocking.  It naturally makes those of us sitting in immense comfort ask, “How can I sit here and enjoy the blessings all around me?”  It’s a fair question…I have been asking it forever. Seeing those things makes it’s near impossible for another caring human being to carry on like normal.

This last week, these thoughts were bringing me to my lowest state. I felt lost and worried and angry and confused. For some reason I even came across this on Pinterest. What?!6735ba488cd15b0ba7596b24f24911b6

I felt all these things and more. I got more and more confused. I am not a depressed person but I felt that true happiness was something that I would never have! How could I when there was so much suffering. This stupid picture I saw that day just took me down lower.

Which is what brought me to my conversation with my husband David.

When I unloaded my thoughts to him he lovingly listened and then simply said, “You’re right, you don’t deserve this life.  You get what you get and it’s what you do with it that counts.”  Nobody deserves anything they get…to say that means those innocent people suffering deserve that life and that’s very untrue. We are all beggars and can only look towards the Savior for redemption. We don’t know the particulars behind the reason why the Earth is the way it is but we all get what we are given and it’s how we live that life that matters. Every soul has that journey to take with God no matter their circumstance…we are not the judge…He is.

“Duh” I thought to myself.

I haven’t been on Facebook for months but since logging on a few times in the past week or so to check on my daughter Lucie I have realized something.  These things we SEE on Facebook are not productive. I feel strongly it is not the right way to be informed. They instantaneously transfer us to the other side of the world to an area we otherwise would never see or were MEANT TO SEE.  SEEING the destruction and the blood on little people’s faces do nothing but horrify us and make us sick to our stomachs. At least this is the case for people like me, people who tend to think this way and sort of get into a funk when they see these things.  To explain more there are also people like my husband who don’t waste time worrying about why things are the way they are but instead are driven to do something about it.

Before you jump all over me…I believe that if we are meant to do something to help that specific person or child or cause then the Lord will guide us through that journey. We would know and be inspired as to the next step to take and we would shut off our medias. I am saying that this is what we SHOULD BE doing. Serving, helping, crying with these people because then the destructive thoughts of, “Why me?” are swept up in service….in DOING something….not just witnessing it over the World Wide Web. That is destructive, not productive.

So next time you SEE something horrific on Facebook that makes you wonder, “How am I supposed to go living my life in such peace?” I want your next thought to be, “By using my blessings and gifts to make a difference. That is why God gave me this life…to help others.” Whatever and however you make a difference is your own journey and process.  It’s different for everyone but I promise you that Heavenly Father wants us to be HAPPY. There is no shame in being happy. There is only shame in not spreading that happiness by service. Most of the time that service is mostly needed and intended for the world that is found immediately around you. There are those who will be blessed to take their talents and happiness across oceans or states to affect a greater population but big or small, local or foreign it is the same in the eyes of our Savior. He did not die for us to live in worry, shame and hopelessness.

As we serve more locally around us there will be a domino effect that spreads across the world. I am not so naive as to think we can rid the world of all suffering and evil but I know there can be a real difference made.

But first…LET’S GET OFF FACEBOOK and step back into the REAL world where our natural emotions can be put to good use with the help of our Savior and instead of wondering what our purpose is, we can know that we are fulfilling our purpose.