William’s Blessing Day/Weekend

We drove down on Saturday morning to Salt Lake.  Sunday was the big day that William and his cousin Jax would be blessed at the Ehlert home.  So once we got to Salt Lake we headed straight to my hair appointment where both Ben and I got our hair cut.  Me for the first time in a looooong time and Ben for the first time ever!  It was about time.  Here is a shot that shows his hair before…
Got a mini mullet goin on!  So anyway I got a few inches chopped off, a few layers and some swooping bangs.  And Ben got his big boy hair cut.  Barely more than a few strands cut off but he looks like such a big boy now!!
Once we were finished and looking all fly we did a little shopping at the Gateway and then got to go shopping at Sams for the Sundays festivities!  We then went to the Ehlerts and had a fun evening with family celebrating Dan’s birthday.  Wish I had gotten some pics!  We were lucky enough to get Lucie too and I guess while we were getting our hair did and stuff she was with my parents and other cousins and was playing in a big pond with dogs and stuff…sounded like lots of fun.
Well Sunday brought relaxing and rejuvenating church, prepping meals, afternoon naps, family pictures and finally baby blessings and lots and lots of family and friends!  Oh and food!!
The actual blessing of William was beautiful.  Always makes me cry.  And it was such a wonderful way to do it.  Especially with his cousin Jax getting blessed at the same time.  Made for a really full house but it was so worth it. And of course how could we ever thank the Ehlerts for hosting such a thing?….again!!  They are such amazing people to let us invade their home.  We love you all and appreciate you so much!  It was a weekend that we wont forget!  Missed everyone that couldn’t make it!